​Learn, in only 10 minutes, about the 5 mistakes we make when we are introduced in Spanish and how to avoid them!

Would you like to feel confident ​when you talk to your Spanish friends?
​Talk to the store assistant or ​make that local phone call and feel comfortable doing it?  

And all in all, start feeling comfortable with your Spanish skills?

Then you came to the right place, because I can help you get to where you want to be.

My name is Aridane Vilardaga, I have a degree in Anglo-Germanic Philology and a postgraduate course on Teaching Spanish as a Foreign language from the University of Barcelona, I am the creator of the program


and I can help you improve your Spanish.

​​This is what you will get with my ​Spanish classes:

  • ​​save time by not studying things you’re never going to need
  • ​benefit from my ​method and start talking and/or improving your Spanish from the very first class
  • ​​see how your Spanish and your selfconfidence improve in a matter of weeks and feel great about it
  • check
    ​know and have the necessary tools to keep improving by yourself even when you don't have me around
  • ​I overcome the fear of speaking 
  • objective-based ... adaptable/flexible ...
  • faster than at any school ...
  • friendly and re-assuring ... but also challenging ...

In order to learn Spanish:

 you don’t need to go to class for years, or study big text books.

All you need is to understand and practice the key structural features of the Spanish language, especially those that are the most different from your own language.

That is possible, and that's where I focus!

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