A high impact, individualized ​Teaching Program that will help you improve your ​Spanish effectively.

Let me ask you:

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    Do you feel frustrated because you live or have been living in a Spanish speaking country for years but still feel insecure when you speak?
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    ​​Would you like to get involved in Spanish conversations with your Spanish friends or in your workplace ​and feel comfortable ​doing it?

My name is Aridane and if you recognize these situations, then my services might be what you need.

Tell me:

Have you taken lessons and attended courses but you still felt you were making next to no progress? Are you aware you have problems speaking Spanish and do you feel insecure?

I know that feeling because I myself ​lived abroad ​and it took me years to start talking with confidence.

My method:

And that's exactly why I ended up creating my own learning method. It is based on the most important yet basic structures so that you can start speaking right away. And it works!

And why me?

Because to begin with I have also lived abroad and I know how it feels like to get by with the level you have, do ​not much to improve it, ​and at the same time feel ​bad because of it.

But also because I’m a philologist. I got a degree in Anglo-Germanic Philology years ago at the University of Barcelona. As soon as I finished my studies, and after two postgraduate programs at the UB (Certificate of Pedagogical Aptitude and Teaching of Spanish as a Second Language) I started working as a non native English teacher in companies such as Deutsche Bank, Corte Inglés and SAP, first in Barcelona and later in Mannheim and Hamburg.

Additionally, I was a Spanish and English teacher at the University of Mannheim (Germany).

Furthermore, I’ve accumulated over 10 years of experience in international business (SunMicrosystems, Oracle) and I’m also an experienced translator and proofreader.

All of that has helped in the creation of this program, specially designed to help you learn quickly and effectively.

And because I speak 5 languages, because I know the typical mistakes in translations, I know where to expect them, how to avoid them, and the vocabulary and dynamics of international business, I’m confident I’m your best bet to help you become what you want to be.

What you will achieve with my service:

  • ​You will start speaking Spanish if you hadn't done it until now.
  • You’ll ​improve your Spanish and feel ​good about yourself.
  • ​You will feel proud and ​happy to be doing something about it and to see the results.
  • You’ll ​master one more​ language, ​and that also matters for your career!

I myself will be with you through all the phases and I’ll teach you the most effective methods so you can start talking from the first class.

Some of my students say:

I don’t beat around the bush, and that’s true, we’ll go straight to the point, so you can start speaking, improving and shining.

As we go further in our lessons you’ll forget about the fear you feel right now and that unconsciously holds you back so you don’t take your career and life to the next level.

​In this video you will be able to watch ​or have a glimpse of the 1:1 classes with 2 of my lovely students.

First we ​have some theory, then we go to the talking! Sometimes the other way round. Let's get in?

This service is the right for you if you:

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    ​Live or have lived in a Spanish speaking country
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    Have a minimal level of Spanish
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    Don’t care about certificates, what you want is ​to learn
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    You are ambitious and passionate about challenges
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    You don’t give up, you are persistent until you get what you want
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    You know your professional potential can broaden if you learn another language, that’s why you are reading this
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    You are tired of going to classes, of automated courses, of wasting time and not seeing clear results
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    You are not afraid of being corrected. You know that most teachers don’t correct, or don’t correct constructively, and that’s why you don’t see results.
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    You know your Spanish can and should improve

What’s included with the service?

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    First 30 minutes session totally free
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    20 or 10 hours (in 45, 40 or 30 minutes long sessions) of total immersion with me via skype, where I’ll focus 100% on your progress
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    PDF documents, short and succinct with everything taught in the lessons.

Extra bonuses 

  • Recordings of all the classes, so that you can watch them again and again, even long time after you took them.
  • 1 extra hour ​(divided in 10 or 15 minutes long sessions) outside of the scheduled lessons, so you keep thinking in Spanish (through Skype or WhatsApp).
  • For the following six months after the purchase of the course you can ask me any question you may have about what you learnt from the course.


300 Minutes (10h)

+ 1,5 h

follow up

between classes

via whatsapp

300 €

​150 Minutes (5h)

+ 1​ h

follow up

between classes

via whatsapp

150 €

​1200 Minutes (​20h)

+ 1,5 h

follow up

between classes

via whatsapp

​500 €

​​​​Aridane est une enseigante très impliquée et efficace si vous souhaitez progresser en anglais ou autre.

My experience was in English and after 1 month of private class with her I could improve my English faster than at any school.

Off course, you’ll need to work after class but Aridane pushes you with pedagogy to learn more and more  I tried several professors in the past and for my personality, she is the best.

Frederick Rosi


Money-back guarantee

I’m so confident in the effectiveness of this program that if ​after two classes you’re not satisfied, you just have to tell me and you’ll have your money back.

So, what are you waiting for? What’s there to lose?

You can keep living like that for a couple years, secretly feeling jealous of the skills and opportunities of those who know more languages than you, or you can make the first move and start working to achieve the same.

These people are not smarter than you and they are not gifted; they simply took the decision before you.

Don’t be fooled, success depends on you making a decision and sticking to it whatever it takes.

I know you must be thinking:

- Youtube is full of free courses.

Yes, it’s true, but they don’t have the same organized content and they don’t have me, pushing you, cheering you on and correcting you until you achieve your goal.

- Maybe right now is not the best moment, maybe later,

I know that thought too, and there’s never a better or more perfect moment than now.

This is a practical program, we won’t beat around the bush, there is no silly or unnecessary content, we’ll go straight to the point, you’re going to start speaking, then you’ll start writing, and I guarantee you’ll learn.

What are you waiting for?

Call me, send me a message or click down below so we can arrange your first 30 minutes long free session:

P.D. Before saying goodbye, let me remind you that fortune favors the brave, or as I prefer to say:

 "The Gods favor the bold"